Hi, welcome to rumblesushi! 

We are indie devs making games with love and passion and striving to bring the best games we can to multiple platforms. 

How it all started:

It all started in 2010, when Rumblesushi decided to create his own proprietry games engine running in Adobe Flash.

Rumblesushi: "I've always loved arcade games and racing games and the original intent was to bring a true 90s arcade racing game to the web, seeing as there was nothing like that at the time. We had to build our own engine to facilitate that. It was hard work but rewarding and was unique at the time. It  pushed things further than the platform was designed for at that time. Flash had no GPU support and therefore you had to write your own 3D software renderer. Super Drift 3D had big console style levels in 7.5 mb web game, it certainly didn't look like Gran Turismo, but for the platform it was pretty exciting. Super Drift 3D was released in 2011 and had over 100 million plays in the first year, we made three sequels and other games such as Super Rally , Police Persuit and Monster Race 3D. Even Adobe contacted us to say they really liked what we'd done in Flash.

Super Drift was inspired by a lot of things - classic arcade racing games like Ridge Racer and Outrun. A love of Japanese car culture - and of  course, the Initial D anime. We'd bought the original anime on DVD, shipped all the way from Japan. That's why the game featured the Hachi Roku as the starter car, and a lot of the other cars were JDM cars. But that was all mixed in with the 90s racing vibes." 

Dreamcheese (artist): "We didn't really go by any rules and just put in all the things we loved, so the mix was a bit crazy, but the fans loved it for that. It was quite wild and exciting and I think you could tell we'd really had fun making it. I'd never even made a 3D model before, so it was a huge learning curve. I wanted the car models to look just right and the first one took me about three months to make! The cities were really fun. i especially loved the neon night time cities and RS loved the beaches and the huge fish tank tunnel.

It was amazing for us to read and receive comments from fans, it gives us a buzz and makes all the hard work feel worthwile."

Present day:

A decade later we have a  similar goal with mobile - to bring huge console standard games to mobile. To get as close as we can to console quality as mobile technology will allow us. We love a challenge and our first game Drive.RS has a 64km sq map, great looking graphics, weather effects, vegetation, realistic trees, animals. We have proper physics - our physics are made from scrtach, with care and attention. We want the vehicle handling to feel immersive and exciting, realistic yet accessible. You could use the term simcade. Most of all we just want players to have fun as really that should be the core of any game.

Rumblesushi also loves getting stuck into optimization and strives for the best performance possible, for high FPS and a smooth, fluid gameplay experience. We are using Unity but our car physics have been built from scratch, as has our open world streaming system. Everything has been optimized as much as possible, straddling the line between high fidelity and being able to actually perform well on mobile. We've optimized the graphics, the day to night cyle and dynamic weather. We want players to have a great experience on their individual device. The technology has come a long way and we feel like we've tried our best to dig in and get the best results we can. It's certainly been a challenging journey, but we're really proud of what we've acheived. We have big plans for the future and hope to make lots of great games.

We hope you really enjoying playing our games. Feel free to contact us, we really appreciate all of the support from our players and love to hear from you!